TOPPING D50 HIFI Audio DAC ES9038Q2M2 XMOS XU208 DSD512 USB 32Bit/768KHz DSD512 Decoder

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Decoder Specifications:

Total Harmonic Distortion @A-weighting: 
less than 0.0004% @1kHZ
less than 0.0005% @20HZ-20KHZ
SNR: [email protected]
Frequency response: 20HZ-20KHZ(0.1dB) 
Output amplitude: 2Vrms @0dBFS
Noise floor: <2uVrms
Channel crosstalk: [email protected]
Channel balance: 0.09dB



Size: 11.9*11*2.6(cm) 
Weight: 480g (without accessories) 
Power supply: 5V/1A
Display: White OLED

List of items: 
USB cable*1
DC power cable*1
Warranty card*1

Questions & Answers

  • Q: I connected different devices to the coaxial input, it does not work. Optical input and USB work. Found a similar case: What should I do? I live in Moscow.
  • A: Hi Andrey, please try to use different coaxial cable for testing.Thank you!
  • Andrey 1/26/19 5:31 AM Asked.
  • Q: The coaxial input does not work. What am I to do?
  • A: Hi Andrey, please check is the mode was adjusted to COAX?Thank you!
  • Andrey 1/25/19 10:35 AM Asked.
  • Q: Are you sure I would not need an AC adaptor to plug into a 240v wall socket. Also I note from reviews that many units sold worldwide have been dead on arrival. If I buy would you check it is operating before posting to save inconvenience and cost of return.
  • A: Hi,The machine is powered by a 5V power supply and the voltage is universal.Thank you!
  • Ian Nicholson 1/15/19 7:29 PM Asked.
  • Q: With the appropriate plug for Australia can this then plug directly into 240v power supply?
  • A: Hi, yes, it can.Thank you!
  • Ian Nicholson 1/12/19 7:02 PM Asked.
  • Q: Do you supply power adaptor with Australian plug or is that extra?
  • A: Hi, the package includes a DC power cable without the plug.Thank you!
  • Ian Nicholson 1/9/19 1:21 AM Asked.