Topping DX7S ES9038Q2M DSD512/PCM768 XMOS USB Full Balanced DAC Headphone Amplifier

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Note: The package doesn't include the remote control. You can buy it from:


TOPPING DX7s is a full balanced DAC & headphone amp with USB, Coaxial, Optical, AES input and Line Out, XLR, 6.35 headphone and balanced headphone output. Besides, DX7s also have a USB to Coaxial output, you can use it as a digital interface even DX7s is turned off.

DX7s use XMOS(XU208) + 2 x ES9038Q2M + 4 x OPA1612 for DAC, in addition, DX7s use customized drivers(Win 7 or above) from Thesycon, all these factors makes DX7s support 32bit/768kHz and DSD512(Native). You can see the detail info from the 2.23 inch OLED screen while DX7s is working. DX7s use 2 x TPA6120 for balanced headphone amp, providing maximum1000mW x [email protected] load.




Digital output:COAX

Line out:XLR/RCA

Headphone output:6.35mm,Balanced headphone

 Size:25.0cm x 20.5cm x 5.0cm






<0.005% @ 1kHz Output=345mW(32Ω)

<0.007% @ 20-20kHz Output=345mW (32Ω)

<0.0008% @ 1kHz Output=78mW(300Ω)

<0.0008% @ 20-20kHz Output=78mW(300Ω)


SNR:>121dB @ 1kHz

Frequency Response:20Hz-20kHz(±0.35dB)


OutPut Level:

13.3Vpp @ 32Ω

18.7Vpp @ 300Ω 



Crosstalk:-124dB @1kHz


Channel Balance:0.3 dB



1 x DX7S unit

1 x 6.35mm to 3.5mm adapter

1 x USB data cable

1 x AC power cord

1 x product manual

1 x warranty card

Questions & Answers

  • Q: Hi. The DX7 is listed as CE certified on your product page but there are no certifications listed on the DX7s. Is the DX7s CE certified? I need to know before ordering because if it isn't CE certified it will be confiscated by customs in my country.
  • A: Hi Jonas, the DX7s also has CE certified. You can place the order. Thank you!
  • Jonas 6/26/19 1:08 PM Asked.
  • Q: Can the device take a stereo digital stream and collapse to mono?
  • A: Hi Paul, it can not. Thank you.
  • Paul 5/21/19 1:07 AM Asked.
  • A: Hi PAORO,short press the volume button is to switch.Thank you!
  • PAORO 2/20/19 10:06 AM Asked.
  • Q: Is the DAC portion of DX7S powered by USB power? Can you confirm this?
  • A: Hi, the DAC portion of DX7S isn't powered by USB power. Thank you!
  • mm05 12/7/18 5:09 AM Asked.
  • Q: Dear Sir, I order the TOPPING DX7S USB DAC around March,2018. It function properly until few days ago it's no audio output from RCA L ch and R ch but It's still have audio output from the 6.3 mm plug. Please advise what should I do to get the audio out put from RCA out. Thank you in advance. Best Regards Kamchai
  • A: Hi Kamchai, Please switch to DAC+HP mode. If it is HP mode, the headphone jack has audio output, but RCA L ch and R ch have no sound. Thank you!
  • Kamchai 10/17/18 6:01 AM Asked.