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YSDZ DA-03 FPGA-DSD DAC Amanero Comho384 Dual ES9018 XMOS USB DAC Mytek Stereo 192 DSD



  • YSDZ DA-03 FPGA-DSD DAC Amanero Comho384 Dual ES9018 XMOS USB DAC Mytek Stereo 192 DSD
  • YSDZ YSDZ DA-03 FPGA-DSD DAC Amanero Comho384 Dual ES9018 XMOS USB DAC Mytek Stereo 192 DSD DA-03 FPGA-DSD DAC Amanero Comho384 Dual ES9018 XMOS USB DAC Mytek Stereo 192 DSD
  • YSDZ DA-03 FPGA-DSD DAC Amanero Comho384 Dual ES9018 XMOS USB DAC Mytek Stereo 192 DSD
  • YSDZ DA-03 FPGA-DSD DAC Amanero Comho384 Dual ES9018 XMOS USB DAC Mytek Stereo 192 DSD
  • YSDZ DA-03 FPGA-DSD DAC Amanero Comho384 Dual ES9018 XMOS USB DAC Mytek Stereo 192 DSD
  • YSDZ DA-03 FPGA-DSD DAC Amanero Comho384 Dual ES9018 XMOS USB DAC Mytek Stereo 192 DSD
  • YSDZ DA-03 FPGA-DSD DAC Amanero Comho384 Dual ES9018 XMOS USB DAC Mytek Stereo 192 DSD

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In the original model based on a built-Italian Amanero Combo384 USB module that supports SACD playback.

As we all know, ES9018 own technical indicators is quite high, born to do top-decoding of the material, it does not mean you can use the ES9018 a good sound. Since the development of single-chip microprocessor controlled E9018DAC, on the ES9018 sound characteristics of the gradual deepening of understanding. It sounds good fluency, high-frequency particles are very small, relatively cool sound at the end, with BB's style is very different DAC chip. 9018 the vast majority of the market is basically decoding step by step to its basic features shown, do bad sound cold thin tip, do better sound soft and delicate, but not off the delicate dynamic inadequate coat.


Upgrade Version uses a super British imports from Shimin 7N OFC custom audio transformer 30VA O 2, lead to silver wire.

High with iron imported Nisshin 0.27 winding through precision CNC forming, annealing temperature for a long time, so this core flux can be achieved through more than 19000 Division, iron loss is very low, the consumption of the core is definitely the best. This product uses the old English name for enameled whole plant Rowan Cable Products Ltd produced, the primary use of low internal impedance temperature to 220 degrees 6N OFC oxygen-free copper wire, a secondary full use of low-temperature 155 degrees internal impedance 7N OFC oxygen-free copper wire were wound system, coupled between the first-class quality high copper film as shields, so the whole cost only interference and noise isolation capability, the market can buy imported cattle simply can not compare a completely different level. Hand-wound secondary, superimposed radial balanced cable way, two-lane and around the interlayer seismic shock-absorbing materials like crude imports all leads using special high-temperature Teflon silver plated wire, to ensure that each set of voltages consistent performance within the output current of +/- 0.5%, will not have vibration and noise, the absolute guarantee will go through each transformer load, aging, insulation and other tests will be shipped fully qualified, in fact, eight hours at full power under load testing, transformer surface temperature of 22 degrees measured only 55 degrees, its quality lies in this up.


FPGA with high-speed control, plus special custom 100M0.3PPM Warming active crystal as a clock signal, allowing two ES9108 work with dual mono mode, the equivalent of its internal 8-channel parallel work output, left and right channels with an ES9018. This can not only increase the density of the sound, but also can improve the transient response capability and increase dynamic range. Feeling from some experience when doing single-chip ES9018 DAC accumulated in the digital part of the materials with the same analog circuits, an element either in digital or analog circuits in the circuit exhibits sound characteristic is consistent. Under necessary to ensure the use of materials but also consider the space, the digital part of this DAC or the use of a lot of our SMD components, impact resistance sound quality wafers using 威沙 patch, part of a total digital uses 3 sets of Schottky diodes SMD rectifier circuit, a voltage regulator installed in the United States LT series of high-precision low-noise low-impedance voltage regulator IC, display and relay control circuit with LM317 power supply in addition, each ES9018 digital and FPGA and analog supply port and the power port digital input buffer, etc. are also used two voltage regulator IC, full-page numbers, and control part of the power regulator IC is used as much as 16, does not include the XMOS board. Filtering decoupling power IC using EVOX and ELNA S (II) series and the ELNA BP audio dedicated Promise series portfolio, improve the resolving power while avoiding excellent sound too cold.

USB interface is purchased XMOS asynchronous transfer boards support a variety of formats:

PCM Sampling frequencies: 44.1kHz, 48kHz, 88.2kHz, 96kHz, 176.4kHz, 192kHz, 352.8kHz, 384kHz
DSD: DSD64 , DSD128, DSD256(2.822, 3.072, 5.644, 6.144, 11.2896 and 12.288MHz)

Soft control with ES9018 connected by FPGA, automatic switching PCM and DSD according to sources, switching does not produce sonic boom.


IV conversion and LPF part of our architecture is still using discrete components, based on the 9018 chip circuits optimized modify its supply wow Tian regulator section has also been improved, filter switch to the British Department of NOVER 3300UF, two used a total of eight channels, digital power supply section 3 groups, each group Philips 1000UF2 months, the total amount of the whole filter reaches 32400UF.


At the same time part of the increase in exchange regulator control the amount of feedback, the power output is more pure. Advantages of discrete components is wide operating voltage range, the machine on the use of positive and negative 23.5V supply op amp is unbearable. When the supply voltage is high on the burst signal processing and a wide dynamic signal low supply voltage is more leisurely than the general restriction of the supply voltage op amp by handling such signals would be more embarrassed if tested with a single frequency waveforms lot of test results of the op amp are perfect, in fact, much more complex audio signals, the op amp is limited by technology, can not have to take into account. Op amp with a maximum benefit is easy to replace, we can use a different op amp to get different sounds. But this generally only changed the sound of style, the overall quality and not much improved. Adjusted using discrete components on a large margin, not only can use different transistors, different circuit structures with different RC to each other. The transistor is the same under different current work will have different performance, you can say what you want to use a discrete sound can tune out, it can be adjusted very fine, very perfect. But this advantage to the components if there is no certain knowledge, there is no certain debugging experience, then it becomes a drawback, making difficult, time-consuming not necessarily be satisfied with the results. This is also the main reason for the market DAC mostly use op amps and other chip components, not only to facilitate the mechanization of production, saving time and effort, the effect is not too bad. But we have not felt that they are mostly not perfectly reflect the musical work itself emotions, relatively flat, pattern-oriented, including many imported million level of the DAC as well.


Eventually put music to express the emotional richness generous delivered to my heart and moved. Delicate and detailed high-frequency, intermediate frequency mellow, relaxed profound bass does not miss any details, even if only in space flash, it can capture leave marks; even if it is to fill the entire space, you do not Sheli go, it can stick, continuing on your sensational; they even passionately, traumatic, it can be fueled, really put you into the inside.


With matching coat is specially made to order, and the entire chassis frame is made of 5.5MM thick brushed aluminum oxide, aluminum oxide and down cover 3MM thick sand. The left side of the chassis layout with separate compartments galvanized steel paint a room to accommodate three transformers. Two special custom OFC ring cow each responsible for ES9018 and discrete functional film set powered two channels, a cow is responsible for E FPGA digital input port and a display section power supply. This machine is unique in that the ring is responsible for the main supply of cattle set up electronic insurance, FPGA once overcurrent is detected, the screen will give a power failure, please reboot prompt, and cut off the main power supply. Since the detection and control circuit is the use of a fever and DEG sampling resistor DALE power relay gold plated contacts, the sound quality is much better than the ordinary fuse, in addition to ordinary fuses the power supply bottleneck.


The machine is configured with rich interface and high-quality terminals: USB IIS OPT AES and group 2 coaxial (COA.COB), the output of non-equilibrium and balance of a group. Taiwan JACKS RCA Block, Rui Shiniu Trek balanced seat.


Dynamic range: > 125dB
Distortion: <0.0004%
Stereo separation: > 120dB
RCA unbalanced port output amplitude 3Vrms, XLR balanced port output amplitude 6Vrms.
External dimensions: 430 * 312 * 66mm (not including the terminal knob and machine feet and other protruding parts)
Weight: 7.5kg


This machine is preset remote control, users can purchase a separate Apple Remote ancillary.
Any Model of Apple Remote Control as it looks like picture shows can work well with this item.

Questions & Answers

  • Q: Hi How You can compare Sound quality to LKS and Gustard product. Best Regards, Jaroslaw
  • A: Hi Jaroslaw, Devices with Bluetooth audio transmission can be used with this earphone.Thank you!
  • Jaroslaw 1/17/19 2:50 AM Asked.
  • Q: What is the pinout for IIS?
  • A: Hi Andreas,the pinout for IIS is "3D A T A,5BCK,7LRCK.".Thank you.
  • Andreas 3/16/16 7:08 PM Asked.
  • Q: What is the voltage 110 or 220 ?
  • A: We will change the voltage according to you shipping address.
  • Ridy 2/16/16 10:12 AM Asked.
  • Q: What is the difference between Basic and Upgraded versions?
  • A: Hi Rade M, Thanks for your question. The transformer and part material of the capacitance is different,and the sound quality of Upgraded versions is more pure. Thanks & Best regards, Bill
  • Rade M 12/3/15 10:50 PM Asked.