ZY Cable Denon AH-MM400 Headphone Premium Edition Upgrade Cable ZY-356/ ZY-357/ ZY-358/ ZY-359




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Model Name: Denon AH-MM400 Headphone Upgrade Line Premium Edition
Material: 7N OCC (single crystal copper) 8 cores (different from 4 cores of ZY-241)
Color: pearl black
Plug-in: 3.5 four-level balanced plug - custom long version of gold-plated plug
            2.5 four-level 3.5 single-ended 3.5 four-level plug - black carbon fiber shell gold-plated curved insert
            4.4 five-level plug - black carbon fiber shell gold-plated



The core has built-in tensile fiber, the outer skin has strong anti-oxidation ability, 8 cores are hand-woven, the line is light and soft, no auscultation effect, and comfortable to wear.
High-frequency transparent, smooth resolution, clear details, strong layering, medium frequency texture, moderate volume, sound magnetic, low frequency deep dive, good elasticity.

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