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ZY HiFi Cable Sennheiser HD650 HD600 HD580 HD525 HD565 Headphone Upgrade Cable (3.5 TRRS Balance) For GEEK OUT V2 BAL ZY-109 1.5M

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Product Details

Name: Balance line upgrade version HD580/600/650
Material: single crystal four-core twisted-pair copper (6N) 
Length: 1.5M

Questions & Answers

  • Q: I have hd6xx headphones is this a good upgrade??
  • A: Hi william , you can take a look at ZY-005 or ZY-002.Thank you!
  • william 3/31/19 3:13 PM Asked.
  • Q: Is there a cable, like this, that is compatible with the Sony ZX300 balanced input? I believe it may be 4.4mm.
  • A: Dear Shawn,we had sent email to you.Thank you.
  • Shawn 3/8/18 2:35 AM Asked.
  • Q: Is this cable also available with a 2.5mm TRRS balance connector?
  • A: Hi HaPeKa,yes,it can.Please leave message after order.Thank you.
  • HaPeKa 4/6/17 4:42 AM Asked.
  • Q: Are there any issues if I use this headphone cable (TRRS balanced plug) to plug into any regular 3.5 mm stereo jack of external DAP or amplifier? Would it cause any damages on the headphone or external audio source devices. Thanks.
  • A: Hi Sam,it just can only be used for balance of hifiman.If it is stereo interface,the factory can do the stereo plug.Thank you.
  • Sam Yee 11/1/16 2:28 PM Asked.