ZY HiFi Cable Sennheiser HD650 HD600 HD580 HD525 HD565 Headphone Upgrade HiFi Cable 3.5mm Plug ZY-044




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Product Details

Model: HD580-600-650 upgrade line


Material: four core twisted pair single crystal copper (6N)

Plug: Y plug - high-end custom aluminum alloy shell rhodium-plated platinum pin;

          3.5 Stereo plug -Canare F-12

Features: high resolution, sound through smooth, clear details

          Clear rich sense of hierarchy; IF moisturizing, vocal and magnetic

          Nature; low frequency full and powerful.

Length: 2.5M

Note: Selection of custom high-grade double-layer nylon suspension network and aluminum alloy sub-line

           Device, line body beautiful, soft, Desktop and portable units are two affordable.